Since the first half of the last century our group has provided continuous surgical care, day and night, to the people of Monterey County. In the early days we treated patients with appendicitis with the newly developed miracle drug penicillin and received payment in chickens and sardines.

In the 1950’s, prior to today’s Community Hospital of the Monterey Peninsula’s Blood Bank, we cared for a gravely injured Doc Ricketts (who had lost a race with a freight train at a railroad crossing) by commandeering a California Highway Patrol car to speed “bottles of blood” from San Jose.

In the 1970’s and 1980’s members of our group, trained at the nation’s premier university centers, brought the newest techniques in vascular and general surgery to our community.

Today, our group is eight surgeons strong. We’ve moved from our “historically authentic” office space to a new, modern office at Ryan Ranch. Here, we hope to provide better access for surrounding communities and offer the very best and efficient service.

We are privileged to care for our patients at the recently expanded Community Hospital of the Monterey Peninsula, a world-class institution where we offer patients the most sophisticated treatment across the entire spectrum of modern general, laparoscopic, chest and vascular surgery while at the same time respecting the traditions of our history in Monterey.